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Energy Drink Blood Drip

Energy Drink Blood Drip

Let’s talk about HANGOVERS!

Holy Hell…

The day after a real barnburner is so punishing and it just gets worse and worse the older you get. Everyone has their favorite hangover cure – the official drunkMall remedy is spicy food – but the two things your body needs most the morning after you’ve flooded it with alcohol are water and electrolytes.

Getting anything down with an upset stomach can be hard work, so try sweetening the deal for yourself with a delicious solution: blood!

Okay, not real blood. But an energy transfusion that comes in packaging similar to a blood bag, ready to drip new life force into your system!

These “blood” bags contain a fruit-punch flavored energy potion that contains iron and electrolytes to replenish those you’ve lost, as well as 80mg of caffeine (about as much as a cup of coffee) to give you an extra boost!

[Psst, we’re not trying to call you out or anything but there’s a good chance that if you liked this post then you would want to know about drunkMall’s exclusive Hangover Survival Guide…]

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