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Giant Pocky

Giant Pocky

Snacks are good so bigger snacks are more good.

That’s just science. Or physics. Or something…

Who cares – snacks!

Now if you haven’t yet had yourself some Pocky in this lifetime, what are you waiting for? You only live once, you know.

Pocky is a Japanese treat that’s so popular in Japan it made its way over to The States (via anime and Pokemon culture, no doubt) way back in the day. When you enjoy Pocky, you’re enjoying what they called a “biscuit stick” (think shortbread cookie, if that sounds confusing to you) dipped in a lovely amount of chocolate.

They actually make Pocky with many flavors of “dip” coating but today we’re posting the classic chocolate flavor – except it’s flippin’ gigantic! These giant Pocky sticks are nearly 3x thicker than regular Pocky and 2 inches longer!

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