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Wooden Rocket Lamps

Wooden Rocket Lamps

Throw your interior design back to the Atomic Age’s concept of space travel!

Think, like, how cartoonists would draw a rocket ship in the 1950s. Back in the days of Marvin the Martian and comic books about aliens invading the planet that played on Americans’ fear of Communism.

Remember that?!

Nah, you whippersnappers probably weren’t alive. We weren’t alive either but we are into old school stuff like that and these rocket ship lights are an awesome nod back to those times. The body of the lamp is laser-cut from bamboo and treated with a polyurethane finish (they look nice) and the 12″ lighting tube in the middle provides otherworldly light in shades of red, green, blue or purple! (You can go with white if you’re boring.)

Anyone who collects space age memorabilia needs to know about these lamps while they last.

Let your sci-fi aficionado friends know about it.

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