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Moth Larvae Shit Tea

Moth Larvae Shit Tea

You’re probably already asking yourself why this is a thing.

Yeah, we don’t know either.

Whatever the hell it is that makes people want to drink liquid brewed from something that’s already passed through the digestive system of another creature, this isn’t even the only product on the market that supplies this demand!

Maybe you’ve heard of kopi luwak? That’s the thing where people harvest coffee¬†from the actual shit of small animals called civets. You read that sentence correctly. People follow these little mammals around¬†to pick up their shit after they’ve been eating coffee berries. Then those people package and sell that product to other people, who knowingly and willingly pay a handsome price for that coffee experience.

This is kind of like that, except it’s bugs who ate tea leaves. The moth larvae are fed naturally fermented tea leaves, then their shit is collected and dried and aged and sold in bags like this…

Bottoms up!

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