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Shot Glass Sized Mason Jars

Shot Glass Sized Mason Jars

Just wait until Pinterest finds out about these!

You know how much Pinterest loves mason jars, right?

Turns out there’s an entire population of people who believe you can and should prepare and serve every kind of food inside a mason jar – cake, salad, oatmeal, a whole turkey (we’ll believe that one when we see it). Mason jars are cool and everything but those folks really need to chill.

It’s hard to not love these shot-glass sized mason jars, though, right?!

That’s gotta be about as “rustic” as it gets, taking shots of bourbon from an itty bitty mason jar.

Of course, the tiny jars are just as versatile as the regular ones. You can see from the photo some suggested uses – pen storage, jelly bean storage, knick-knack storage. Actually, if you need some more ideas for what to do with tiny mason jars, there’s this website you should check out…

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