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One Pound Snickers Bar

One Pound Snickers Bar

Have you ever had a Snickers bar? They’re delicious.

Have you ever held something in your hand that weighed a pound? You don’t know? Oh, well, here is a list of some things that weigh approximately one pound:

  • a guinea pig
  • 20 AA batteries
  • a box of uncooked spaghetti
  • one shoe

Great. Now that we’ve established how heavy a pound is, let’s circle back around to the topic of this post, which is that this is a Snickers bar that weighs one pound!

That’s crazy! That’s like a Snickers brick!

It makes us think of the classic garbage-rap anthem, “Brick In Your Face,” by Stitches! “I put that Snickers brick in yo face! Now whatcha gone DO wit it?! Now whatcha gone DO wit it?!”

Uh, we’re gonna eat it, Mr. Stitches. Please calm down, sir. Perhaps you would like to partake of this bountiful Snickers bar with us? There is plenty to go around…

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