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Flask Mittens

Flask Mittens

It’s good to have a secret supply of booze on hand! And it doesn’t get any more “on hand” than a pair of mittens with a flask hidden inside of one.

Pack away four ounces of your favorite liquid pick-me-up inside the special bladder hidden in one these mittens. (Or, you could buy two pair and have one pair of normal mittens and two pair of flask mittens. Yeah, that’s right. It’s allowed.)

Each pair comes with a mini-funnel for easy refilling at home. These are real mittens, knit from a fleece acrylic and they’ll still keep your hands warm when it’s cold outside. Then, when you’re ready to drink, just slide the fabric covering up the discreet thumb spigot and have a sip!

Available in red or black. Winter’s pretty much wrapped up, so they’re currently on sale, too!

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