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Singing Dancing Caddyshack Gopher

Singing Dancing Caddyshack Gopher

Caddyshack is a timeless masterpiece of American cinema.

It’s got it all.

Chevy Chase, Bill Murray & Rodney Dangerfield in the same movie?

Talk about comic heavyweights!

And the story is just a classic class struggle disguised as a burnout sports flick – what’s not to love?!

Did we mention the gopher? How could we forget the gopher?!

The gopher is the secret star of the entire film!

Of course, the gopher provides Bill Murray’s entire struggle in the movie but audiences always love the part where that gopher dances along to Kenny Loggins’ I’m Alright, a song written specifically for this movie and therefore specifically for a scene where a gopher dances along to the song.

It’s all pretty amazing, folks, and you can own a little piece of it with this animatronic gopher figure!

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