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Echo Dot Holder

Echo Dot Holder

It’s weird because Disney opened Epcot all the way back in the 80s and that was supposed to be the head of the pack for smart homes and “living in the future” and all of that. Didn’t really end up going down that way and 2017 is still figuring out how to finally cash the checks written by our expectation so long ago – but we’re getting there!

Amazon’s Alexa assistant seems likely to win the “virtual assistant” wars (because everyone uses Amazon, duh, but also because it’s so integrated with everything else a smart home assistant needs to do), however this product is designed as a third-party solution for similarly sized gadgets from other brands.

Basically, the Echo Dot is a much smaller way to put Alexa in any room of your home or office and this handy little piece lets you mount it on an outlet in a tidy way, rather than just leaving it on a table or something with the wire trailing across the room.

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