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LEGO Caricatures

LEGO Caricatures

You didn’t get to have a role in The LEGO movie but that doesn’t mean you’ll never get to see what you would have looked like as a LEGO person. These unique caricatures give a peek into how you’d appear as a citizen of LEGOland!

Caricatures have been a pretty stale concept for decades at this point. If you don’t know what a caricature is, when you go to pretty much any tourist trap type location or street fair or whatever, that person sitting there drawing photos of people with exaggerated figures is doing their caricature for them. It was probably cool in the 1800s or something but the game has been needing a change – like this LEGO angle!

The creator will work based on photographs of you (with or without another person) and even hook up a suitable background based on the vibe of your photo!

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