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Crows Before Hoes shirt

Crows Before Hoes shirt

Game of Thrones is coming back and holy hype train, Batman, everyone is starting to get real excited, especially because they’re all out of source material! Spoiler alert, George double-R Martin writes slow as balls because every time he tries to move his plot forward he has to consult 500 True Detective storage sheds worth of backstory, character allegiance and bloodlines to make sure he’s staying true to his own canon…

Okay, that wasn’t a real spoiler alert but this is a real spoiler alert. Even though this shirt is crass, it actually is funny because Jon Snow totally did choose “crows” over “hoes,” in the end. Pretty stoked to see how they’re gonna bring him back from the dead, by the way. HBO must be biting their fingernails to see how their show does off-book.

We expect good things. Stay tuned!

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