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USB Mixtape gift set

USB Mixtapes

This is so cool!

If you’ve never made an actual mixtape (or CD) for another person, you have no idea how special that gift can be for someone to receive. Making playlists for people just isn’t the same. The problem now is that almost nobody has a way to play tapes anymore and CDs are on their way out, too. But screw all that, check out this USB stick:

  • 1 GB of storage means it can hold like 900 hours of music
  • the USB enclosure looks exactly like a real cassette tape
  • a cassette-style case with a customizable cardboard insert
  • like any USB, it’s both Mac & PC compatible

Heads up that the “cassette tape” is made of paper (not plastic), so it’s not super sturdy but it is super cool!

Try loading it up with the ‘70s Punk Rock box set!

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