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Two-Fisted Drinker

Double-Fisting Beer Mug

The Two-Fisted Drinker is for every fan of adult beverages who finds themselves ordering two-at-a-time because they make ’em so dang small or you just don’t feel like getting up again in ten minutes to order another.

Each “mug” hold about 15 ounces of liquid – that’s just a hair under an American pint glass in each half – and the sides are connected by a channel near the bottom, so you won’t be spilling the further beer all over yourself each time you take a pull.

This thing is a gamechanger for beach parties, music festivals, any pub foolish enough to have a “bring your own mug” night and pretty much any situation where there’s a keg and a long line for that keg.

Two beers, one cup!

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