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Hand-Shaped Phone Case

Hand-Shaped Phone Case

Give yourselves a hand!

No, really! How’d you like to have an extra hand when you’re using your phone? Or maybe you’d like to feel like you’ve got some friendly support when you find yourself in the middle of a serious Tinder breakup/ghosting situation. [Too bad we didn’t know about this when we did the Singles Awareness Day Countdown.]

Since this phone case is shaped just like a human hand, when the phone screen is facing towards you, it’ll be like you’re holding hands with someone! Or you can set it down and have your phone resting at a convenient angle for reading articles, catching up with Snapchat, whatever you do with your phone in a vertical position.

The one unfortunate thing about this phone case is that it’s made for the iPhone 4 body style and they apparently haven’t made new ones for newer devices. But if you’re still rocking a 4 or a 4s, you probably need this hand more than anyone!

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