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Shakespeare’s Star Wars

Shakespeare's Star Wars

Dost thou enjoy thine parables of science and of fiction?

Even though Hollywood loves nothing more than “rebooting” a tried and true franchise, it would take no less than 75 individual people losing their collective minds in order for there to be a remake of the original Star Wars any time in the next century.

But books!

Ah, yes, books are another tale, friends…

Anyone can do whatever they want to do in a book. The decisions are left to one person, one writer, and they can move forward at full steam with whatever crazy concept they have in mind.

Ian Doescher has done just that with his reimagining of Star Wars: A New Hope, as it would have been written by the great bard, William Shakespeare.

In iambic pentameter, Verily, A New Hope spins the classic yarn as it would have been spun were its fabric from a much older time, long, long ago. (Though, perhaps not in a galaxy far, far away.)

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