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Giant Inflatable Paddle Board

Giant Inflatable Paddleboard

Hit the waves with several of your friends on a massive inflatable paddle board!

With a weight limit of up to 1550 pounds (that’s nearly one ton), you could literally send a small family off to cruise the surf in this thing with plenty of room to spare. When fully inflated, the Supflex Big Sup is 18 feet long and nearly as rigid as hard boards

Don’t worry – nobody’s trying to make you collapse a lung trying to blow this up. It comes with a 2-hand pump that you use to get the boat to 10 – 15 PSI with ease.

Whether you’re on a great big lake or planning to cruise the ocean, all you need is paddles, life jackets and good enough balance to stay on the damn thing! Make sure to take lots of pictures with a waterproof camera so everyone can see how awesome it was!

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