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Titillating Coloring Book

Titillating Coloring Book

Coloring books are the hot new trend for adults pursuing “mindfulness” in their lives. Most of the books we’ve seen get talked about are pretty lame, though. Why don’t they make coloring books with pictures of the things adults care about most?!

Turns out, they do!

Color My Boobs is a 36 page coloring book chock full of titillating images for your leisurely enjoyment. And it isn’t the only one! We’ve also found fetish coloring book and The Adult Coloring book, which also has other fun activities inside.

So give it a try! You’re probably way better at coloring now than you were when you were a little kid. Driving cars and playing games on your phone does wonders for hand-eye coordination.

Unleash the dormant artist within!

Feel free to cut out your best work and hang it on your fridge with pride. You did your best bringing color to those breasts and they deserve to be shown off to houseguests!

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