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Dog Poncho

Dog Poncho

You’ve probably owned several umbrellas in your life but nobody ever thinks about their puppy dog friend when it comes to staying dry in the rainy weather. Which, that’s pretty weird when you think about it because dogs smell so bad when they get wet that “wet dog” is literally a scent we use to gauge how bad other stinky things are….

Like, “Ugh, it smells worse than wet dog in here!” That’s a thing. So why don’t more people take precautions to keep their dog from becoming wet? We don’t know. But if you want to start, here’s a poncho made specifically for dog buddies. It’s made of the same stuff they use for people ponchos and it even has a hood. (Though, if we designed it, we’d have put some little ears on the hood because that would be ridiculously cute.)

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