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Stain Repellent Clothing

Stain Repellent Clothing

Alright, listen up, you sloppy bitch.

You think people can’t smell you?

We can.

Under the impression that nobody will notice sweat stains or that speck of mustard from the second hot dog you had at lunch?

You’re kidding yourself.

Now maybe you truly don’t give a fuck. That’s fine. But most of you who say that probably do care, if you’re honest with yourselves. So we’ve got a little something to help you out here.

In case you don’t know, we’re sort of living in the future right now. And in the future, we can make our clothes out of materials that are naturally stain- and wrinkle-repellent, fibers that resist absorption of odor. We’re talking a fresher, neater appearance with zero extra effort on your part.

That last bit sounds good, right?


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