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Pizza Scissors

Pizza Scissors

Honestly, this is how we all should have been slicing pizzas this entire time. Why is this only happening now? A pair of scissors with a built-in serving tray just makes so much sense for so many reasons.

First of all, cutting pizza requires a sharp-edged instrument of some kind. Drunk people and sharp objects aren’t such a great combo. But even children can safely use a pair of scissors.

Next, every other pizza slicer only slices from one direction, top down. Sometimes the cutter doesn’t go all the way through and you end up with a not-really-sliced pizza. (This even sometimes happens with delivery from major chains! Unacceptable!) With pizza scissors, the cutting action takes place from above and below at the same time! It’s impossible to walk away from a pizza sliced with pizza scissors and find out later it wasn’t really sliced!

And, lastly, pizza scissors let you slice and serve pizza in one movement with one hand!

Grab some pizza scissors now!

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