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Hangover Prevention Pills

Everyone has a favorite hangover remedy.

No offense but basically every “fast and easy” fix for a severe hangover is wack. Getting wasted on alcohol depletes the human body of water,¬†electrolytes and several vitamins. Unless you’ve got a private nurse who can hook you up to a saline drip and Vitamin C pack, there’s no quick remedy for that.

But taking preventative measures before and during a night of drinking is much more effective. These pills are a cocktail of natural ingredients shown in several studies to prevent hangover symptoms, such as succinic acid and extracts of prickly pear cactus and oriental raisin tree.

Here’s how it works. Each pack comes with three pills. You take the first one before you start drinking, the second one while you’re drinking and the third one after you’ve finished drinking for the night.

Give it a try!

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