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Game Boy Whiteboard Magnets

Game Boy Whiteboard Magnets

Give those household appliances an old school, handheld gaming system look with the FreezerBoy Magnet set! The “screen” of the big magnet functions as a dry erase board, so you can remind yourself to buy more energy drinks to fuel those all night gaming sessions!

Even though it’s called FreezerBoy, you can use these magnets on other appliances, too. Washers, dryers, dishwashers… As long as magnets stick to the front of it, game on!

You’ll need to buy your own dry erase marker to use this as a whiteboard and you totally should do that because playing video games is supposedly very bad for our attention spans. A lot of people keep regular whiteboards on their fridge already, as it really does make the most sense for keeping a list of what food and drinks you’re out of right by the place where you realize they’re all gone.

Batteries not included! (It doesn’t need batteries. That was a joke.)

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