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Fish Tank Herb Garden

Fish Tank Herb Garden

We’ve noticed that people who drink a lot tend to dislike chores. Actually, let us put that in a different way. We drink a lot. We don’t like chores.

Anything that cuts down on things we’re supposed to do every day or week or month is ayyyy okay with us! This is why we like the idea of this fish tank.

The water feeds the plants and the plants help to keep the water clean. The fish still need to be fed but this setup cuts down on the need to clean the whole tank out and fresh herbs are a gamechanger in the kitchen. (Serious. If you’ve never used fresh oregano or basil, you don’t know what you’re missing.)

What to do with all the extra time? Learn how to pick locks!

It’s the ciiiiirrrrcle of liiiiiiiife!

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