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Magnetic Drop Shots set

Magnetic Drop Shots Set

There is more to life than jagerbombs.

In fact, there’s a whole world of drop shots out there, waiting to be dropped and shot. Drop shots are also known as bomb shots or “depth charges” and some of our favorites are the classic Boilermaker (whiskey in a beer), Irish Car Bomb (1/2 Baileys + 1/2 Jameson in a Guinness) and the sake bomb (sake in a beer).

Now, the thing about all of these drinks is you’re dropping a (usually made out of glass) shot glass into a (usually made out of glass) pint glass. When you drain it, the shot glass slides down to your mouth. Accidents happen and this isn’t ideal.

Someone was smart enough to add magnets into the situation, ensuring the small shot glass stays at the bottom while you down your drink. Awesome, right? We think so, too.

Each order includes two 16-ounce beer glasses and two 1.5-ounce divided shot glasses. (There’s a little wall in the middle of each shot glass to help with certain recipes.)

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