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Mini Beer Pong

Mini Beer Pong

Big things come in small packages!

This teensy tiny beer pong game provides a disproportionately large amount of fun!

Hang on, hang on – don’t start trying to hunt down miniature ping pong balls. That’s now how this works.

Everything you need to play a miniature game of beer pong is included here – except the beer, of course.

Instead of throwing little ping pong balls at the tiny cups, you’ll actually be using a little catapult attachment to “launch” the ball at your opponent’s cups. Don’t worry about losing the ball because it’s tethered to the game board!

The board is made of real wood and features two recessed racks for a tight rack every time. The set also comes with all the little cups you’ll need for a game – plus five extras!

Whether you’re planning a fun night at home or want to bring a fun toy with you to the bar – this mini pong set is where it’s at!

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