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Toucan Toucan’t Beach Towel

Toucan Toucan't Beach Towel

Always bring a towel.

Especially if you’re going to the beach! Having a funny beach towel is just kind of a ritual.

We really like this towel. And, we’ll be honest, it’s because of how dejected that toucan’t looks! He’s so pathetic! It’s like he finally worked up the courage to ask his crush on a date and she kind of felt bad because she already had a date and he had to pretend like it was fine because he didn’t really care that much anyway….

Not only is this “Toucan Toucan’t” towel funny but it’s also practical, if you think about it. Say you partied too hard the night before and you don’t really want to talk to anyone. If someone asks you a question then you can answer them with a simple point to either the “TOUCAN” for “yes” or the “TOUCAN’T” for “no,” right?!

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