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Kaleidoscope Glasses

Kaleidoscope Glasses

See the world through brand new eyes with a pair of kaleidoscope glasses!

These new eyes you’ll be using aren’t the kind you’d want to have, like, behind the wheel of a moving automobile, by the way. Not sure if you’ve ever looked through an actual kaleidoscope before but it’s more about a crazy, psychedelic experience of shifting colors and prismatic visuals than it is about receiving any sort of useful information about your immediate surroundings.

So a pair of eyeglasses with kaleidoscopic properties are more about sitting your ass down somewhere to trip the fuck out and/or looking cool for a photoshoot or something like that. To be clear, you probably don’t even really want to try to walk around while wearing these things because you will most likely trip and bust your ass. But you would be wearing some dope shades while doing it, so it’s whatever you wanna do.

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