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EXCLUSIVE: The Best Drinking Games Ever

The Best Drinking Games Ever

There are two categories of drinking game: games you play while casually drinking and games that serve no other purpose than to provide an excuse for getting extremely and embarrassingly drunk.

Each type has its place and this gift guide covers the best of both worlds. (Plus you can always check out the party time department of drunkMall for more stuff after you’re done reading this post!)

We all know why we’re here, so let’s stop wasting time and get to the action, alright?!

#1 Spin the Shot

Spin the Shot drinking game

It doesn’t get any simpler than this, folks.

A shot glass is placed in the centerpiece, presumably filled with a liquor or specialty shot worth consuming, and the arrow is flicked to spin around and around before settling on the lucky (or unlucky) player. The player takes the shot.

Recommended for friends and foes who’ve decided to sit down at a table and see who Fate has chosen to over-serve. Spin the Shot comes with its own shot glass.

#2 LED Cornhole

LED Cornhole

Unlike Spin the Shot, Cornhole is a game of skill and may be played with or without the accompaniment of alcoholic beverages. One shortcoming of the game is that it’s typically played outdoors and play must end around sundown from low-visibility.

Not anymore.

Each GoSports board is loaded with 126 bright white LED lights to keep the game going as late as you want! The lights do not affect gameplay and can last over 15 hours on each reload of AAA batteries.

#3 Shot Roulette

Shot Roulette

Drinking and gambling go together like gambling and drinking.

When you play Shot Roulette, there’s more at stake than cash! Fill up 16 shot glasses with different liquids – whiskey, vodka, water, prairie fires, TAB (ugh…), anything that all parties agree is legal – and players step up to spin the wheel and find out what they’re shooting. All shot glasses and two roulette balls are included with the set.

#4 Russian Roulette Booze Pistol

Russian Roulette Booze Pistol

Or perhaps you’ve another, more suicidal version of roulette in mind?

Well, get it out of your mind. This isn’t that kind of party. No party is that kind of party and you’ll stop getting invitations to good parties if you don’t lay off the dark vibes, edge lord.

Get your Russian Roulette fix with booze instead! This is pretty much a squirt gun that’s been rigged to only fire when a certain one of the six chambers is lined up with the barrel.

Pick your poison, pour it in and take this squirt gun for a spin!

#5 Giant Jenga Drinking Game

Giant Jenga Drinking Game

Here’s another one that doesn’t have to necessarily be a get-me-drunk game but it totally can be with a little imagination and time.

We all know the regular rules of Jenga. It’s fun. It’s even more fun with oversized blocks, like these. A starting stack of Giant Jenga blocks stands just under two feet high and can stack above four feet in height during normal gameplay. That’s a much bigger fall when it all comes tumbling down!

Several years ago, someone had the bright idea of customizing each tile in their Jenga set and making a drinking game out of it. Here is an exhaustive list of the possible tiles you can include in your Giant Jenga game to convert it into the drinking game version: The Big List of Drinking Jenga Tiles

Keep those hands steady!

#6 Tic Tac Bro

Tic Tac Bro shots game

Some people don’t know that tic-tac-toe is a game that will alway end in a tie if both players don’t make any mistakes. In other words, it’s the perfect game to determine which of two people is a better strategic thinker than the other.

If you play the game with shots – which is what we like to call Tic Tac Bro – it’s also a great game to determine which of two people is way drunker than the other and should probably be given a tall glass of water.

#7 Glowpong

Glowpong: LED Beer Pong Table

Need some more outdoors-at-night action?

Glowpong has all your bases covered. This is a regulation length beer pong table that’s been enhanced with battery-powered LED lights. No need for electrical outlets means you can take your beer pong party anywhere the ground is level.

[Learn more about the vast universe of beer pong on drunkMall’s Beer Pong Upgrades megapost!]

#8 Drunk Target Practice

Drunk Target Practice

Under no circumstances should you handle actual firearms while drinking alcohol.

And anyway, these can-shaped targets are made out of foam, so if you used a real fun (or even something like a Pocket Shot) you’d destroy them pretty quickly. You can come up with your own rules and challenges for competitive target practice. At drunkMall, we like to put together two identical sets of targets, give Nerf Rival Blasters (or Rubber Band Machine Guns) to the shooters, loaded with the same amount of ammo and see who can take out all of their targets first.

#9 Checkers Shots

Checkers Shots

This is arguably the most dangerous drinking game for friends to play. Not because of how drunk it will get you, which, yeah, it will turn you upside down. The real danger in Checkers Shots is how ridiculously competitive the game of checkers gets when you’ve been drinking.

It’s such a simple game but there is still a moderate amount of strategy involved. Don’t say we didn’t warn you when someone flips the board over Chris-Farley-in-Black-Sheep style!

#10 Drink-A-Palooza

Drink-a-Palooza Game

This is the one…

We had to save Drink-A-Palooza for last on this list because just about any and every other drinking game that has ever existed is encompassed within this game. It’s a feat of modern game-making, is what it is.

The basic setup is similar to The Game of Life but each turn can have you playing a quick round of any classic frat party drinking game. This is strictly for professionals. Don’t approach this game lightly because it can change the entire course of the evening for everyone involved.

Play at your own risk!

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