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Dana Scully Action Figure

Dana Scully Action Figure

The only thing strange going on around here is how did we not know about this Dana Scully action figure until right now?

If X-Files came out in ’93, then that’s like 24 years of being unaware that the most badass fictional female of the Bureau since Clarice Starling was made in to her very own ass-kicking action figure.

Dressed in what else but a plaid maxi skirt, white blouse and blue blazer, the Scully action figure comes poised to dive as deep as necessary in to any so-called supernatural phenomena reported anywhere in the country. A skeptic in the truest sense, Dana is out here looking for the truth and she’s ready to accept it, as long as the facts support it!

The Scully figure is a perfect size to keep around your work area for a bit of spiritual (or mental) guidance whenever you need it most!

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