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Pirate Pet Costume

Pirate Pet Costume

Aye, it’s high time for all landlubber vermin mice to walk the plank, mateys!

Cats already act like they’re the boss of everything so go ahead make it official. Come here, Mr. Whiskers! It’s time you became Captain Whiskers, the haughtiest feline pirate to sail the seven seas!

It doesn’t have to be Halloween to dress up the cat, either. Pirate cats are fun all year!

(Actually, these costumes come in several different sizes, so they can be put on a dog as well. Make sure to read the sizing info carefully before placing your order!)

The costume goes on your pet’s upper body, so their front legs look like an upright human walking around. Combined with the stuffed arms and hat, the effect is downright hilarious!

Make sure the pet knows you’re laughing with them and not at them. They get embarrassed.

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