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Bike Balls Tail Light

Bike Balls Tail Light

It takes balls to ride a bicycle at night – tail light balls!

Every cyclist knows that night rides require certain safety precautions. Visibility is key. Reflective clothing, stick-on plastic reflectors for the bike…

Those are good.

You should probably mess with those things.

But how about a real tail light device?

Now we’re talking!

This is a silicone-covered tail light for hanging from the underside of your bike’s seat. And if you think it looks like a swinging pair of balls in the photo, you should see what it looks like when there’s a person sitting on the bicycle seat!

The silicone “pouch” holding the lights means these lights are waterproof, so you don’t have to be distracted with trying to avoid riding through water puddles.

If you don’t like the red color, they also come in blue.

But, come on. Blue balls?

That’s not even funny…

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