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Budweiser T-Shirt

Budweiser T-Shirt

You can tell this is bootleg because, thanks to all the uptight advertising laws in this stupid country, it would probably be illegal for a beer brand to make this shirt, implying a causative/correlative relationship between a brand of alcohol and finding love.

Fortunately, we don’t give a fuck because all drunkMall does is find awesome gear being sold elsewhere online. Even if someone were to get into trouble for this, it wouldn’t be us! We’re just showing you some swag we found.

Imagine rifling through shirts on the rack at a Goodwill store and coming across this bad boy. You’re flip out and buy it immediately, right? Well, welcome, to the internet’s thrift shop, bitches!

This BUDWEISER IS FOR LOVERS shirt comes in a unique peach color with no sleeves and hot red print! Get into it!

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