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Wu-Tang Phone Case with Five Camera Lenses

Wu-Tang Phone Case with Five Camera Lenses

Protect ya neck AND ya phone with this amazing Wu-Tang phone case that comes with five interchangeable camera lenses!

You gotta give it up to this one. Most band swag was clearly designed with minimal effort other than stamping a logo on something. But this, ooh baby, this joint is hot!

Not only do you get the Wu-Tang flag logo but you get a set of five lenses, three of which can be attached to the actual phone case at any given time for easy rotation.

Tryin’ to keep that Instagram timeline on hunnit? Filters can only do so much to cover up that lack of skills, son! The top players on that IG game are using filters just like this to give their pics a little something extra. And Snapchat? Don’t even front like your Snapchat game isn’t weak af, my dude.

Jump on this!

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