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Oh, so you think you’re a writer, with your little Apple notebook computer, sitting in a crowded coffee shop, sipping a $7 coffee drink while working on your novella?

Don’t you know that you’re supposed to suffer for your Art?

Do it the old-fashioned way!

Some of the greatest texts in history were written with pencils.



Anyway, you can picture it, can’t you?

Some old fart who hasn’t showered in a week, hunched over a writing desk, fingers knotted around a pencil that was sharpened with a pocketknife because pencil sharpeners are for bougie dilettantes…

Or, you know, maybe it’s just a good idea to keep some pencils around the house for doing crossword puzzles and shit. Unless you’re one of those cocky assholes who does the crossword with a pen, in which case you’re scary and we’re afraid of you.

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