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Framed Flash Art Print

Framed Flash Art Print

Now, you’re not supposed to go get a tattoo when you’re drunk.

But you’re not supposed to do a lot of things after you’ve been drinking and someone, somewhere on the planet, does just about every single one of those things every 24 hours. So how can you really know you won’t do something stupid in the middle of a blackout?

Well, you could always quit drinking.


So how do you minimize the potential for regret when you finally wake up the day after a rager with some brand new ink?

Simple. Keep some flash art around at all times. Find some flash you’d be okay with and hang it up in your home or office, somewhere you’ll see it every day. That way it has a chance of being the first thing Drunk You thinks about when you’re telling that tattoo artist what to draw on your body for the rest of your life.

We like this flash. You’ve got Ralph Wiggum, a GameBoy, Gizmo, the Wu-Tang logo. There’s a lot of small things here that would be totally fine as a dumb little tattoo.

Think about it.

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