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Purple Macho Man Shirt

Purple Macho Man Shirt

“OHHH YEAH!!!” is right!

Macho Man Randy Savage was essentially a living, breathing cartoon character.

Like, any professional wrestler worth remembering had personality and charisma. But the Macho Man was on another level. Actually, scratch that. Nobody else was even in the same building as Mr. Savage. He was in his own universe.

Just go to YouTube and type in, like, “macho man greatest interviews” or something. You’ll see what we’re talking about pretty much immediately. The guy was the definition of a scene stealer. You almost feel bad for anyone trying to make a name for themselves while Macho Man is around because it’s no contest.

Anyway, this t-shirt does a pretty great job of capturing what he was like as a character, whether you know him from being a fan of wrestling or just remember his role as the crazy dude from those Slim Jim commercials!

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