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Dill Pickles Hoodie

Dill Pickles Hoodie

Fabric printing has gotten extremely good lately.

You can almost taste the glistening pickles printed on this hoodie!

Pickles are good and everything. Maybe pickles are even your favorite food, for some of you.

But you don’t have to be some kind of pickle-obsessed weirdo to wear this hoodie.

Look at that green!

It really pops.

And fashion is all about standing out from the crowd. Have you ever seen someone wearing a hoodie covered in a hyper-realistic graphic of a pile of giant pickles? Probably not.

So don’t let this hoodie season go to waste!

Pick up a pickle hoodie now and there won’t be any mistaking who your friends are talking about when they tell the hottie at the bar about their friend down there, the one in the green pickle hoodie…

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