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Wigged Pig Mask from Saw

Wigged Pig Mask from Saw

You know how there are some people who think that Halloween is for dressing up in something cute or funny or slutty and heading out to a party to take a bunch of squad pics for Instagram?

This mask isn’t for those people.

This mask is for people who hate those people and want to scare the literal shit out of them.

Because this mask is absolutely terrifying.

Like, even if you haven’t seen the Saw movies (which, really, who cares), this thing is deeply unsettling on its own merits.

First of all, the pig mask part is way too real looking. It looks kinda sweaty, even. And the eye sockets are all red where the eyes are supposed to seem like they’ve been cutout.

And then there’s the wig. It looks more like hair ripped off someone’s head than any sort of wig.

The whole thing is just wrong, okay?

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