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Sloth Stripper Shower Curtain

Sloth Stripper Shower Curtain

How’d you like to have a fabulous stripper sloth waiting for you in the bathroom every day?

Easily done with this shower curtain!

A purplish-pink background sets the stage for this mildest of beasts to perform on the pole for you (and for some filthy dollar bills).

Oh, don’t act so shocked.

Those stupid polls everyone takes on social media lead people to think they’re either an introvert or an extrovert and that’s that. But that’s really a load of bat guano because the truth is that any given person’s desire to socialize isn’t set in stone like that.

The reality is more complex. Most of us have an introverted side – that part of you that wants to ignore text messages, stay home and watch Stranger Things all the way through again – and an extroverted side, like a teenage stripper who doesn’t even pretend she’s on the pole to work her way through college!

Embrace your dual nature and get this shower curtain!

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