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Glow in the Dark Snake Ear Cuff

Glow in the Dark Snake Earring

It’s all about the accessories. Everyone knows that.

An outfit is an outfit is an outfit.

If you haven’t figured out how to dress yourself by now, whatever. You’re hopeless.

But if you can go into your closet and come out looking halfway cool and stylish, you know that the little extras put in a lot of work towards selling “the look.”

What’s the look?

It can be many different things. It’s whatever you’re going for at that moment. If the look you happen to be going for is a bit neo-hippy or rave-y at all, this snake earcuff could be just the thing!

During the day or in well-lit areas, it looks like a blue, two-headed serpent hanging from your ear. But when you head into a dark place (like a closed warehouse dance party), that blue serpent starts glowing in the dark!

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