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Snowflake Ice Cubes

Snowflake Ice Cubes

Get your cocktail game in season with some snowflake shaped ice cubes!

The silicone tray is just as easy to use as an old-school ice cube tray. If you’ve never seen one of those and have no idea what it is, well, congratulations on living in the most technologically advanced era of human history. (All you have to do is fill the holes with water and place the entire thing on a level surface inside of a freezer.)

Instead of cubes, though, you end up with chunky snowflake ice that can be plopped in a nice cocktail. (You can even use them in non-alcoholic beverages – we won’t tell anyone!)

A full tray yields 12 pieces of ice, so if you’re having a party (or even just a few hard drinking friends) over for the night then you might want to have two or three full trays loaded and ready.

P.S. this is made of silicone, which is heat resistant, so you can use it to do other fun things besides make ice. Check the link for more details.

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