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Hot Dog Cats in Space Phone Case

Hot Dog Cats in Space Phone Case

It’s an invasion!

A really cute and honestly pretty confusing invasion!

The great thing about the Internet is that it’s always changing and it always kind of stays the same.

Anyone who remembers Angelfire and Geocities websites will be familiar with this type of artwork. There’s no official name for the genre or anything but you could think of it as “cute nonsense in outer space.” It’s been around for a while.

But what’s different now is that photo imaging software has gotten better (and freer), so it’s never been easier to do shit like make a picture of kittens riding (really weird looking) hot dogs through the cosmos.

And thanks to new sites like Society 6, it’s also never been easier to get those crazy pictures on a swanky new phone case or t-shirt or pillowcase or whatever.

Now, can someone please explain why it looks like there is lettuce on these hot dogs?

That’s really fucked up.

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