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Reindeer Antlers Sunglasses

Reindeer Antlers Sunglasses

Get into the holiday spirit with some reindeer antler sunglasses!

Kids love them and adults need them to hide the bloodshot eyes they got from lack of sleep and having the spiked egg nog before breakfast!

When you’re lucky enough to have a white Christmas then someone’s gonna have to get out there and shovel the snow off the walkway to the door.

Let’s be real, it’s gonna be you.

It’s always you.

It’s always you out there with the shovel, cussing under your breath while everyone stands at the window, waving from the warm living room with the fire roaring behind them.

It’s always you pretending you’re fine and it didn’t really hurt and, yes, it was very funny, wasn’t it, when you inevitably slip on a patch of ice and redecorate your hip black and blue for the next nine days.

At least if you’re wearing these glasses it’ll be easier to pretend you’re having a good time.

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