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Fake Self Improvement book

Fake Self Improvement book

Self-improvement is very important. Not because, like, it makes you better. Hahaha! Is that what you thought we meant?! Oh, sweetie… No…

Self-improvement is important because everyone is delusional. We all have a fantasy life that we’re trying to turn into a reality. We all meet new people and wonder if they could finally be that perfect person we fantasize about. They never are, of course. But if they’re working on improving themselves then maybe one day they will be, right?!

In other words, you don’t have to actually care about being a better person in any way. You just have to make other people think you’re trying and that’s enough for their fantasy to take over and fill in the blanks of your shortcomings. Yes, it’s a sweet deal.

Faking It is a guide for doing just this. From conversing on a higher level to knowing how to act after getting laid, it’s all here, written by the College Humor team.

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