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Hands-Free Device Control

Hands-Free Device Control

Remember how when Minority Report came out there was that whole thing with Tom Cruise’s character quickly organizing information on a sort-of holographic computer display by moving his hands around and “grabbing” the images to place them where he wanted them to be?

Okay, this isn’t like that but it’s a step in the right direction, people

We’ve got all this voice-activated stuff right now.

That’s cool.

But it’s also not cool because apparently “give me directions to the mall” sounds way too much like “call my psychotic mom whom I haven’t spoken with in 11 months right now immediately and don’t ask me if I’m sure that’s what I want you to do.”

Fuckin’ Siri…

Anyway, this is just a little gadget that connects to your other devices (like a computer that’s playing music, for instance) and lets you control it via basic hand movements.

It’s gonna be pretty cool so you should go check out the Kickstarter when you get a chance.

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