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A little bit of skill and a little bit of chance come together in Drinko!

Fill shot glasses with different types of liquor and place them at the bottom of the playing board. Drop a chip and do the shot it lands in after bouncing through the pegs!

It’s a new drinking game but the concept has been around for ages.

Here in The States, we’re probably most familiar with this game design through Plinko, one of the games from The Price Is Right. (Don’t even act like you don’t know. Everyone has gone through a Price Is Right phase. Everyone.)

Now, Plinko is a little different but bears very much similarity to a Japanese game dating back to the 1920s, called pachinko. Gambling for money is illegal in Japan but pachinko is a way to get around that. Drinko is a form of gambling as well, possibly with bigger consequences, depending on how you react to tequila vs whiskey!

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