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Food Pillows

Food Pillows

Some tasty home accent options, here.

Throw pillows can really make or break a sofa. It’s hard to imagine a couch that wouldn’t be complimented by a pillow that looks like a slice of orange, kiwi or watermelon!

Taking advantage of new high-res fabric printing technology, these pillows are a really fun way to show off your refined palate in the home. There are over 20 different options available through the link below but we really like the food pillows the best.

Make sure you base your purchasing decision on the photo rather than the title of each design, just so you know. See the pillow in that photo that’s clearly a buttery, syrupy pancake? The description calls that one pizza…

Probably the most realistic design of the bunch, not shown here, is the pillow that looks exactly like a slice of ripe tomato. You’ve really got to see it to believe it.

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