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Butterbeer Ice Cream

Butterbeer Ice Cream

The wizarding world has transported a delicious frozen treat into the realm of muggles!

You know how every person who read all the Harry Potter books will tell you that the books were better than the movies?

(Yeah, we get it. You read. You’re very smart and better than everyone because you stare at words on paper instead of images on a screen.)

Well you know what’s better than reading the Harry Potter books?

Eating delicious butterbeer flavor ice cream in real life! Every person who ever read a Potter book had to imagine the taste and intoxicating effects of butterbeer, wondering what it would be like to hang out with wizards and get plastered on a substance that does not exist in our known universe.

Later, butterbeer was made real (though non-alcoholic and dairy free) for a Universal Studios theme park. Now, America’s oldest brewery is producing a butterbeer flavor of ice cream!

You don’t even need to use your imagination for one second to taste the magic!

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