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EXCLUSIVE: Guns o’ Fun

Guns o' Fun

It’s Memorial Day Weekend here in America. That means none of us have to work on Monday and this weekend will be full of backyard cookouts, campfire hangs, a whole lot of boozy parties and guns!

Wait… Booze and guns?!

Well, yeah, but hopefully not, like, real guns. You know, toy guns, fun guns…

These guns:

#1 Target Shooting Alarm Clock

Target Shooting Alarm Clock

Get in some shooting as soon as you wake up with this target practice alarm clock!

On the normal setting, you’ve got to shoot the center of the target with the included gun to deactivate the alarm. Take it up to the hard setting and you’ll have to nail five shots to make the alarm quit!

#2 The Gun Mug

The Gun Mug

Take aim on your morning with a caffeine reload!

The Gun Mug is made from ceramic with a “hand gun” handle in a slick chrome finish. It holds 120z of liquid and is both microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

Feel free to browse the rest of drunkMall’s guns department as you enjoy your coffee!

#3 Rubber Band Machine Gun

Battery-Operated Rubber Band Machine Gun

Fire 10 rounds a second with this automatic weapon!

The Rubber Band Machine Gun is more than just a fun toy, it’s a DIY project. Orders ship with the gun disassembled, so you get the experience of putting together your own war machine!

Once it’s built, the gun can be loaded with over 60 rubber bands and fires with a single squeeze to activate its battery-powered motor.

#4 Motorized Nerf Blaster

Motorized Nerf Blaster

Ever hear the phrase, “They don’t make ’em like they used to”? Well, that’s what’s going on with these new Nerf Blasters, except the new ones are way, way more serious than the Nerf guns we all remember from childhood.

First of all, instead of foam darts with suction cups, these guns load with high-impact ball-shaped rounds. Second, the firing velocity (up to 100 fps) is powered by 6 C batteries, so you know those can do some damage!

#5 Laser Tag Set

Laser Tag Guns

Bring the fun of laser tag out of dark indoor battlegrounds and into your own backyard with this high-rated laser tag kits!

Most home laser tag sets come with awkward vests and cables to connect the guns and they’re honestly hardly ever functional enough to be any fun. But these laser tag blasters are the entire kit! No vests, no cables – just aim for the gun because that’s the target.

Each set comes with two blasters. You can order two sets and program the guns to play on 2 vs. 2 teams or an everyone for themselves free-for-all!

#6 Condiment Guns

Condiment Guns

Do ya need mustard? Well, do ya? Punk?

Pull the trigger on that second hot dog with an awesome Condiment Gun! Fill the included cartridges with the condiments of your choosing and you’re ready to unload all over those grilled meats! Does it get anymore American than that?

#7 Booze Pistol

Booze Pistol

Ready! Aim! Drink!

This is kind of like the condiment gun except for alcohol. You load a removable container with booze of your choice, insert it in the pistol and you’re ready to quickdraw that next shot for yourself or another partier!

#8 Russian Roulette Squirt Gun

Russian Roulette Booze Pistol

Add an element of chance to the party with this fun twist on an ordinary squirt gun!

Spinning the cylinder gives each player a 1 in 6 chance of landing on the chamber that allows the gun to shoot.

#9 Marshmallow Bazooka

Marshmallow Blaster

Those bags of marshmallows aren’t just waiting to be roasted over the campfire – they’re ammo!

Load jumbo marshmallows into this bazooka and blast them one after another!

#10 Cash Cannon

Cash Cannon: The “Make It Rain” Gun

Closing out the night at the strip club?

Make it rain in style with the Cash Cannon! Load it with up to 100 bills and pulling the trigger does the rest, sending a cascade of that paper flying across the room!

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