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Amazing Deodorants

Amazing Deodorants

This is unquestionably the best scented deodorant that has ever been worn inside drunkMall HQ.

The boss man picked some of this stuff up a couple years back, when the company went by a different name, because they also make some of the best shaving soap on the market today. In fact, their unique approach to shaving soaps is what put this company on the map. The deodorant was kind of just a side thing…

Anyway, yeah. This stuff is amazing.

If you aren’t aware, a lot of the things that get put in some major brands of deodorants probably aren’t good for your health. And don’t even get us started on antiperspirants. But the way a person smells is of the utmost importance in modern society.

So, basically, what you should be looking for in a deodorant is something that doesn’t have a lot of sketchy ingredients in it and that smells really good and keeps that aroma for a long time. That’s this stuff. Coming from their background in making beautifully scented shaving soaps, this crew knows how to please the olfactory senses!

Shown here are just three of their offerings. The Cavendish is modeled after the smell of good pipe tobacco – a good scent for fall/winter. The Beach smells, well, it smells a lot like the beach – like a piña colada mixed with an old school barber shop – perfect for spring/summer. And in the back there’s a less potent lime, ginger & tea tree concoction, which is a nice and subtle scent for all occasions.

Give it a try!

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